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About Us


Built on the threefold path of Love, Accept and Surrender; Soul Route promotes that each and every individual has a self-healing ability and a unique methodology to activate their own thriving mechanism and it’s our job as a trainer and mentor to hold space and provide non-judgmental life skill intervention in a completely personal, confidential and encouraging space through various customized sessions that are conducted in-person, groups, Skype, WhatsApp and in workshops format. We aid you to reprogram your mind, realign your attitude and reconnect with your own natural ability.

Our primary aim through the therapy is to empower you to find your own solution and pathways where once you saw limitation and binding circumstances.

Soul Route engagements:-

  • Conducting individual sessions and workshops
  • Training people to be self-satisfied persons
  • mentoring corporate to create motivated balanced workforce
  • Publishing the life skill and emotional empowering worksheets video and audio
  • Conducting free lectures, demos etc., about empowered living in different groups and institutions.
  • managing free whatsapp group’s for likeminded people to share their personal growth journeys

Our Story

Komal Baxi Chhatbar, along with Sanjay Menon Mehul Chhatbar and Anjli Baxi founded Soul Route in the year 2010, in the sea centred heart of Mumbai. What began as a tentative in-house “plan-when-free” sessions, quickly turned into a multifarious life excellence centre, attending to clients from India and Abroad.

From a Dream of channelled consciousness, Today Soul Route offers over 14 differentiated therapies by duly certified professionals in 6 distinguished formats and caters to over a hundred clients a month through popular platforms like WhatsApp  Skype and in-person

a counselling and healing centre offering a full range of counselling, psychotherapy, alternative therapy & kids interventions aimed at bringing essential life changes and cultivating happy, healthy and successful lifestyle.

Meet the Team

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Sanjay Menon, self-empowerment coach, is a nurturer at heart and likes to keep things soothing for

his clients through all his sessions. A natural “Wiseman” kids love this impish ever loving man. A qualified counsellor, internationally certified sound therapist, astral projection coach and angel card reader, Sanjay is dedicated to facilitating transformation in the most gentle- no pressure manner. His extreme sensitivity has allowed him to form deep bonds with all his clients. a born artist, Sanjay works with vibration healing through our energy centres using modalities of Clinical Sound Therapy, Chakra Balancing and Healing, Astral Projections; Numerology. He also combines metaphor therapy and Angelic healing to facilitate the objective of his client.




Komal Baxi Chhatbar is Consciousness Coach as well as founding member of Soul route. Certified Hypnotherapist, Regression therapist, Clinical Sound Therapist, Counselor a T2LW weight loss practitioner and a Yoga teacher make for some of the facets of her persona. With her sharp mind, corporate experience and free spirit, Komal is an extremely vivacious sensitive and a gifted intuitive coach, her sharp perceptions and professional attitude when combined with the gentle acceptance often lead to an “aha” moment for her clients.

Favourite with young kids, couples and professionals alike she exudes expertise and versatility in every interaction. Having facilitated many a life transformations in the last 10 years, she still gets a childlike zest when asked about her purpose in life.

She has successfully launched and continues to facilitate popular programs like SOMATIC lISTENING,  Success Consciousness, Marriage Makeover, Nesting Instincts and Parentitude.




Mehul is a dynamic entrepreneur with a new age vision, a qualified lawyer, business coach, counsellor, interior designer, certified permaculture farming specialist, numerologist, elemental space clearing expert, he has co-founded two multifaceted  organisation along with soul route called Abudhara- to advocate his philosophy of sustainable living and WIZTACTIX,to promote sustained business modeling in sme and soloprenuers,

with over 20 years of corporate experience in legal and leasing field, Mehul aims to create a self-sustained and profitable life in the natural eco-friendly manner for every individual




Anjli Baxi, Life Affirmation Coach and the youngest founder of Soulroute is a certified Clinical Psychologist and internationally licensed Louise Hay workshop teacher.  A natural mentor, Anjli is sincere and passionate about her calling to empower others to believe in their own Self, as a creator of their own lives. Her expertise in the field of traditional Psychotherapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy combined with her gifted affinity to all things empowering, she beautifully engages both traditional and alternative therapies while working with individuals specially women and teens who are looking to find their path.


Wait no more. Here is your chance to make that difference IN YOUR LIFE BY YOUR SELF. Soulroute, true to its very core of empowerment has WHATSAPP AND FB GROUP, specifically to help you build those skill and create perspectives that are bigger and more convincing than that space of helplessness and confusion.